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200+ Failure Quotes that will help you Overcome

Failure QUOTES

Failure tends to be more public than success. Or at least that’s what we perceive it to be. We fret it, try to avoid it, and question ourselves whenever we have unconventional ideas. But the simple truth is that no great success is achieved without failure.

It may be one epic failure. Or a series of failures – such as Thoma Edisson’s 10,000 attempts to create the light bulb or Dyson’s 5,126 attempts to invent a bagless vacuum cleaner. But, whether we like it or not, failure is a necessary stepping stone to achieving our dreams.

These Failure Qutoes Will Unlock Your Perception

Quotes about failure
Quotes about failure

1. Nothing destroys creativity faster than the fear of failure.

2. Living as someone else makes you a failure.

3. Failure only targets success.

4. Not accepting reasons to fail is what it takes to be a winner.

5. Your decision to fail many times is a choice that assures success.

6. Failures are growth opportunities.

7. Failures are unexpected outcomes we need to learn from to achieve excellence in our life.

8. Never be disappointed by failure, remember it’s a part of success.

9. Sometimes what makes the difference between success and failure is the diligence with which we pursue.

10. Standing for nothing means becoming nothing and achieving nothing.

Failure not an option
Failure not an option

Failure Relationship Quotes

11. Failures are our greatest compulsion that help awakens our inner giant.

12. Between failure and success, attitude is what makes a difference.

13. You are the most successful failure you will ever meet.

14. Failure is not impossible or permanent.

Learning From Failure

Quote failure success
Quote failure success

15. Our integrity is worth more than just experiencing failure or success.

16. Everyone fails, make your failure spectacular by rising from it triumphantly.

17. When you fail to try, you are trying to fail.

18. Exhausting all possibilities is not a failure, not re-strategizing is.

19. We have to dare failure to find our way to success.

20. Be eager to meet more failures if you want to succeed.

21. You can never succeed if you don’t chance failure.

Failure Quotes Success

Failure is good
Failure is good

22. Make failure your best learning tool.

23. Better to fail on your term than succeed on someone else’s term.

24. The pain of failure will help you deliver success if you can endure it.

25. Failure is the raw material of success.

26. Failure is part of the game of life.

27. Until you give up your next attempt, failure is not fatal.

28. If you don’t quit trying, success will spring up from your failures.

Quotes About Learning From Failure

Quotes about Failure to Success
Quotes About Failure to Success

29. Failure is only a figment of our imagination till we give in to it.

30. Failure may last through a season, but there is success after that.

31. You sabotage your hope and dreams through your fear of failure.

32. Failing is not the issue, your stress over people’s opinions is.

33. Don’t fear failure because, without it, you cannot succeed.

34. If you aren’t willing to take on risks and remain positive, you will fail.

35. Learn to live through your failures.

36. The cost of success is that we must be willing to fail more than we succeed.

37. Selfishness is the surest path to failure.

38. Becoming stagnant and not improving every day will earn you failure in life.

39. Failure is always around the corner for those with dwindling consistency.

Failure Quotes Inspirational

Quotes about Failure to Success
Quotes about Failure to Success

40. Failure teaches that tomorrow’s comeback is dependent on today’s setback.

41. The world will celebrate you when you learn to celebrate your failure.

42. Our self-confidence is chipped away when we give in to the fear of failure.

43. You know you are about to succeed when you have the greatest urge to quit.

43. Thinking about failure dooms you from the start.

44. No one learns from continuous success but continuous failure.

45. You may fail many times but let the courage to try again help you soar.

Success and Failure Quotes

Failure not an option
Failure not an option

46. Keep failing till it’s no longer an option.

47. Failing forward is the only accepted form of failure for those in pursuit of success.

48. Failure is not the end of life, we need to find the courage to rise again.

49. Quitting is the easiest way to fail.

50. If you master failure, you will conquer situations easily.

51. Let your failures lure you to success.

52. Great men don’t avoid failure, they accept it.

53. You can keep going up by not thinking about falling or failing.

54. You can only come back stronger by not relenting after failure.

55. We are all products of failure, but we became successful because we refused to quit.

56. Never get mad at the failures of today, do it better tomorrow.

57. Every success has elements of failure in them, as every failure has pockets of success.

Failure Overcome Quotes

Quote failure success
Quote failure success

58. Consistent failure adds up to your strength over time.

59. Never accept failure as an option.

60. Fail, learn and grow through life.

61. We don’t fail when we don’t get success but when we stop trying to get it.

62. There is no great happiness till you let your curiosity help you forget your failures and sorrows.

63. Failures are opportunities to prepare you for the success of your future.

64. Pain is the basic lesson to learn from failure.

65. Failure determines how we handle our next attempt.

Life Failure Quotes

Failure for Success
Failure for Success

66. Failure is the shortest route to becoming happy if we learn from it.

67. We all fail by asking the wrong questions or not asking questions at all.

68. You will fall victim to another failure if you don’t concentrate on the cause of the previous.

69. To become the real deal, you ought to celebrate your failures.

70. To rise higher you need to embrace failure as it comes.

71. Failures are stepping stones to success.

72. Every failure serves a purpose.73. If you don’t decode the message of failure, you can’t enjoy its fortune.

74. Failure does not mean achieving anything it’s an adventure towards the realization of your goals.

75. Failure is not a deterrent, it empowers your next step.

Failure Leadership Quotes

Failure is good
Failure is good

76. You will discover your desire for success in the course of failure.

77. It’s better to fail at what you love than succeed at what you hate.

78. Failing well makes you greater than those who succeed badly.

79. Don’t fail to act despite how futile an action may seem.

80. Never forget the lessons of failure as you celebrate success.

Quotes on Failing Fearlessly

Quotes about Failure to Success
Quotes about Failure to Success

81. Failure happens, the trick is to accept the risk and never stop trying.

82. Don’t let failure get in your heart, as success shouldn’t get in your head.

83. To reach success, you need to climb the stairs of failure successfully.

84. Collecting yourself and moving on is the most honourable thing to do after failure.

85. The more you try to be perfect, the more you will fail.

86. Failure is an opportunity to try again.

87. Failure means not achieving your desired outcome.

88. A failure establishes that your determination to succeed wasn’t strong enough.

89. Failure is never appealing, giving up isn’t fun too.

90. A failure is indeed a failure if you don’t learn from it.

Quotes about failure
Quotes about failure

91. When you lose your willpower to keep trying, failure will surely happen.

92. When you fail, the only way back up is to permit yourself to excel.

93. Failure and success will come and go but who you are is what matters.

94. Optimism is the best response to failure.

95. Underestimation is a sign of failure.

Best Failure Quotes

Failure not an option
Failure is not an option

96. Don’t let the feeling of failure define you, put in your best always.

97. You have to learn to deal with failure if you want to be competent.

98. Failures are useful preliminaries to success.

99. Having a good hard failure when you are young prepares you for what can happen when you are old.

100. If you don’t improve after recovering from failure, you will likely fail again.

101. Don’t dwell so much on other people’s failures that you forget to work on your success.

102. Life is too short to give in to failure and become unhappy.

103. Never judge your life only by the failures you’ve encountered.

104. Failures are the challenges that give us the courage to move forward.

105. Failure is the beginning of a beautiful journey, not its end.

Quote failure success
Quote failure success

106. When you begin to think of failure, pressure is speaking through your mind.

107. There are no obstacles to your aspirations in life except those you erect in your mind.

108. You become a failure when you start blaming others for your shortcomings.

109. Failure is an embarrassment when you learn nothing from it.

Quotes About Failure

Failure for Success
Failure for Success

110. Failure is an alternative way to get things done right.

111. Negativity is the shortcut to failure if you keep letting it in your life.

112. Failure sometimes forces us to explore.

113. You may never know that failure is the beginning of success till you look back at the hurdles you’ve scaled.

114. Failures are temporary setbacks.

115. Our ability to resist failure is what leads to greater success.

116. You will fail if you stop taking responsibility for your decisions in life.

117. Not giving up is the best way not to fail.

118. If failure makes your life bitter, make it sweeter by working on your patience.

119. Enjoy the fun of failure while it lasts because it’s part of being ambitious.

120. Life becomes boring when there is no failure to tackle or a problem to solve.

Failure is good
Failure is good

121. You may have to fail sometimes to become good at what you do.

122. An error is not necessarily a failure but a gift sometimes.

123. Don’t choose failure when success is an option.

124. The failure will disappear as soon as you start believing in yourself.

125. Instead of hating failure, learn from it and move on.

Powerful Quotes on Failure

Failure is good
Failure is good

126. If you don’t see failure as part of the process to success, it will keep weighing you down.

127. Never get bitter because you failed. Let the lessons from failure help you get better.

128. Failure is bad but could be a blessing in disguise.

129. Don’t babysit failures, learn from them and move on.

130. It’s how high you bounce from failure that counts, not the failure itself.

131. See failure as constructive feedback rather than a life sentence.

132. When we learn nothing from our mistakes, we are sure to fail.

133. Doubt kills dreams twice as failure will.

134. The more you learn when you fail, the farther you will go in achieving your goals.

135. Failures are the necessary steps to success.

Quotes about failure
Quotes about failure

136. Failure doesn’t define us, it’s what we do after failure that determines who we are.

137. Let your rock bottom be the foundation that holds your life.

138. You can’t avoid failure and expect success.

139. Regrets are the easiest way to accept failure.

140. No one comes up with anything original without preparing for failure.

Failure Quotes

Failure not an option
Failure not an option

141. We didn’t fail at our endeavours, we just haven’t found the right ways to get it done.

142. Your past is everything you failed to be.

143. A single defeat and final defeat are not the same.

144. The fear of failure is the only reason dreams become impossible.

145. Regret does more harm than failure.

146. Don’t let failure harden you or shame you into inaction, learn from it.

147. There is no sure formula for success, but the best formula for failure is pleasing everyone.

148. Failure is not getting up when you fall.

149. Failure lurks around the way to success.

150. Failure does not stand in the way of success for those who learn from it.

Quote failure success
Quote failure success

151. The challenge of education is that it prepares a person for success rather than failure.

152. Your next level in life is hinged on the foundation of all your past failures.

153. A house of failure is built with excuses.

154. Failure prepares us for greater responsibilities.

155. It’s best to fail with honour than cheat to win.

Quotes About Failure to Inspire You

Failure for Success
Failure for Success

156. The only failure we should fear is not taking the best options life presents before us.

157. Indecisions and delays often result in failures.

158. There are good lessons in failure for those who care to know.

159. The best time to sow the seed of success is in the season of failure.

160. Failures are painful yet superficial.

161. If you must fail, fail intelligently.

162. Don’t be afraid that you may fail, be determined not to let it get to you if it happens.

163. Let your failure wake up the phoenix bird in you.

164. Most success results from obstacles or failure.

165. Don’t fail the next time you try.

Failure is good
Failure is good

166. The lack of persistence in creating new plans after failure will lead to another.

167. Never let failure be a source of discouragement but a fresh stimulus.

168. Let failure be your mechanism of learning.

169. It’s more costly to build success from scratch than to recover from failure.

170. The fear of mistakes is the beginning of failure.

Wise Quotes About Failure

Quotes about Failure to Success
Quotes about Failure to Success

171. Experience is another name we give to our failure.

172. Treat your failures as practice shots.

173. Let success be your focus despite the number of times you’ve failed.

174. A wrong option is eliminated every time you fail.

175. Failure is the feedback that there is an obstruction to your greater emergence.

176. Let the possibility of what’s to be done heal the pains of failure.

177. Don’t let the consequence of failure distract your journey to success.

178. You cannot live without failing at something, no matter how cautious you are.

179. Learn from your failures and start again.

180. Don’t give up because you failed. Move on to plan B.

Quotes about failure
Quotes about failure

181. You may miss opportunities if you don’t look beyond your failures.

182. Failure is built by steady deposits of excuses.

183. Failure is an accumulation of errors repeated every day.

184. Failure is promised in the absence of preparation.

185. The failure of many years can be redeemed by the success of a minute.

Failure not an option
Failure not an option

186. Failure is temporary.

Failure not an option
Failure not an option

187. To be a winner, you need to fail until you succeed.

188. Don’t make failure a habit, it can be very detrimental to your success.

189. Beyond the greatest failure in life lies the greatest success.

190. Failure never overtakes those with strong determination to succeed.

191. Successful people only learn and grow from failure.

192. Trying to please everyone is the only formula for failure.

193. Successful people fail courageously and learn from their mistakes. 

194. Beyond fear and failure lies success.

195. Celebrate success but never forget the lessons of failure.

196. We may be disappointed if we fail, but we are doomed if we don’t try.

Failure for Success
Failure for Success

197. Your failure should not define who you are, it should teach you what doesn’t work in life.

198. Taking risks teaches us the worth of success after failure.

199. Judge no one by their success, but by how many times they fell and got back up.

200. Failure is an opportunity to start again more intelligently.

Failure quotes to help you feel better

Failure for Success
Failure for Success

201. Failure happens always, how we react to it is what matters.

202. Failure is conceding to defeat without considering alternatives.

203. We permit ourselves to excel when we learn from our failures.

204. The more we fail and recover, the better we become.

205. The depth of your failure is not what matters but how high you bounce.

206. Don’t forget your mistakes and don’t dwell on them as well.

207. Build on failure, make it a stepping stone.

208. Never be content with failure, the future is bright.

209. Every failure carries a seed of greatness in it.

210. Failures are checkpoints on the road to success.

Quotes about Failure to Success
Quotes about Failure to Success

211. The failures we don’t learn from will be repeated.

212. We’ll all have a fair share of failure in our lives.

213. Don’t lose enthusiasm as you stumble through failures, success is on the way.

214. Failure is a temporary pain till you quit.

215. The fear of failure is the first thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve.

Quotes about Failure to Success
Quotes about Failure to Success

Insightful Failure Quotes

Quotes about Failure to Success
Quotes about Failure to Success

216. When you stop trying, you’re sure to fail.

217. Failure gives the proper perspective on success.

218. Taking risks teaches that failure and winning are both equally important.

219. The easiest way to avoid failure is not to do or say anything.

220. Failure is not a dead-end, it is a detour.

221. Failure is not defeated until we admit it.

222. Failure is not an undertaker, it’s a teacher.

223. No one fails at trying nothing.

224. The sure way to fail is to give up.

225. No one comes up with anything original without preparing to be wrong.

Failure not an option
Failure not an option

226. Achieving great success often comes with failure most times.

In Conclusion,

Did these failure quotes inspire you?

Everyone is guaranteed to have failure at some point in their lives.

The easiest way to prevail in times of loss is to learn from your mistakes.

Each failure is an opportunity to move closer to success.

So although it is not always easy, you should always be prepared back up each time you fail at something.

Hopefully, these inspirational failure quotes have motivated you to get back up as soon as possible.

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