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100+ Grant Cardone Amazing Quotes -That Will Grant Prosperity”

Grant Cardone
Grant Cardone
Grant Cardone

Success comes to those who plan, and no one becomes successful by mistake; these are some of the wise sayings of Grant Cardone, a business guru known for his wisdom that will push you to attain Success using the right mindset.
Grant Cardone believes Success is very much intentional, and it comes to those who put in the work and sacrifice.
We’ve put together some of Grant Cardone’s powerful quotes that will motivate you all day.

Grant Cardone Motivational Quotes

Grant Cardone  Quotes
Grant Cardone Quotes

“Comfort makes more prisoners than all the jails combined.”

Grant Cardone
  1. “If the people around you are giving you the advice to slow down or to take it easy – you are surrounded by the wrong people.”

2. “Luck is just one of the byproducts of those who take the most action.”

3. “You sleep like you’re rich. I wake up like I’m broke.”

4. “Let the rest do whatever while you do whatever it takes.”

5. “Those that say your dreams are ridiculous have given up on theirs.”

6. “Do whatever you need to do to get bigger than life.”

7. “Average is a failing formula.”

8. “Those brought up poor and middle class inherit the beliefs of the poor and the middle class.”

9. “The hard truth is that whiners and victims don’t attract or create success.

Grant Cardone Money Quotes

Grant Cardone Quotes
Grant Cardone Quotes

“Don’t just make money; make a difference.”

Grant Cardone Quotes

10. “Cash flow is not bragging rights. It’s financial Freedom.”

11. “Your problem isn’t the problem. Your reaction to the problem is your problem.”

12. “You have to approach the notion of Success the way good parents approach their duty to their children. It’s an honour, an obligation, and a priority.”

13. “Money comes when you do what you’re good at and work hard at it.”

14. “You will not have a successful life surrounded by negative people.”

15. “Have a higher purpose than money.”

16. “Think big. There’s no reason to think small.”

17. “Remember, to create wealth, you can’t just score once; you must be able to repeat it.”

18. “You won’t get much done if you only grind on the days you feel good.”

19. “A little imagination combined with massive action goes a long way.”

Grant Cardone Wisdom Quotes

Grant Cardone Quotes
Grant Cardone Quotes

“Knowledge speaks. Wisdom listens. Action wins.”

Grant Cardone Quotes

20. “Taking massive action means making somewhat limited choices and then following these up with even more action. This level of action will be considered by some to be borderline insane, well beyond the agreed-upon social norm—and will always create new problems. But remember: If you don’t create new problems, you’re not taking enough action.”

21. “All the excuses in the world won’t change one simple fact, that fear is a sign to do whatever it is you fear – and do it quickly. I am scared most of the time. However, I refuse to feed my fear with time and allow it to get stronger. I opt instead to get things done quickly.”

22. “As long as you are alive, you will either live to accomplish your own goals and dreams or be used as a resource to accomplish someone else’s.”

23. “Anyone that suggests to me to do less is either not a real friend or very confused.”

24. “Success is not something that happens to you. It’s something that happens because of you and because of the actions that you take.”

25. “Real power only comes from repeating actions.”

26. “Never fear the haters. You can’t reach your potential without them.”

27. “The average person calls me obsessed. The successful call me for advice.”

Grant Cardone Quotes on Focus

Grant Cardone Quotes
Grant Cardone Quotes

“Focus on the target, not the work.”

Grant Cardone Quotes

28. “Your family depends on you. There’s no better reason always to bring all your games.”

29. “Refuse to be tomorrow who you are today.”

30. ”Persistence is the single most common trait of the most successful.”

31. “Your persistence in any endeavour is determined by the clarity of your purpose.”

32. “Quit settling for reality and focus on your potential.”

33. “Ten times the actions, ten times the goals, and you’ll get everything you ever dreamed of.”

34. “Everyone experiences fear, but how you respond to it makes the difference in your life.”

35. ”Show up early, treat people with respect and perform at the highest levels till the world can’t deny you.”

36. “One week they love me, next week they hate me. Both weeks I get paid.”

37. “I don’t have time is the biggest lie you tell yourself.”

38. “There are three steps to wealth: First you have to make money, then you have to keep it, then multiply it.”

39. “Be obsessed or be average.”

Grant Cardone Not Quitting Quotes

Grant Cardone Quotes
Grant Cardone Quotes

40. “Never take advice from a quitter or a pretender.”

41. “Never quit; you are guaranteed to find your greatness.”

42. “Do the things you don’t want to do so that one day you can do what you want. Pay the price. Sacrifice something.”

43. “Success is no different than any other skill. Duplicate the actions and mindsets of successful people, and you will create Success for yourself.”

“All your dreams await you on the other side of your fears.”

Grant Cardone Quotes

44. “When you’re having money problems, the first thing to do is quit spending on all things that don’t produce money.”

45. “What you have done is nothing compared to what you can do.”

46. “Small thinking has and always will be punished in one way or another”

47. ”What you do every day determines your worth.”

Grant Cardone Short Quotes

Grant Cardone
Grant Cardone

48. “Freedom is not something you buy. It is something you earn.”

49. “If you don’t do something, you’ll end up being nothing.”

50. “Unwillingness to do what no one wants is why people lack money.”

51. “No guts. No glory. No legend. No story.”

52. “Have goals so big your problems pale in comparison.”

” You weren’t born to be average.”

Grant Cardone Quotes

53. ” If you want to be in the 1%, don’t do what the 99% do.”

54. “Get serious about your money.”

55. “Comfort makes more prisoners than all the jails combined.”

56. “Do not work; go to work to prosper.”

57. “Remove negativity from your environment.”

58. “No commitment equals no results.”

59. “Doubt is your enemy.”

60. “Creativity follows commitment.”

Grant Cardone Wise Quotes

Grant Cardone Quotes
Grant Cardone Quotes

61. “Success is not something that happens to you; it happens because of you and your actions.”

62. “Do not work; go to work to prosper.”

63. “When you are taking massive action, you aren’t thinking about how many hours you work.”

64.” Independence is something you must work hard to get and harder to keep.”

65. “Learn to close, and you will never be without work and will never be without money.”

66. “Get serious about your money.”

“Remove negativity from your environment.”

Grant Cardone Quotes

67. “Look for problems on this planet you can help with and go help.”

68. What I think about me matters more than what you think about me.”

69. “Nothing happens to you. It happens because of you.”

70. ” If you want to be in the 1%, don’t do what the 99% do.”

71. “Everyone wants to eat, but few are willing to hunt.”

72. “Spectators pay, players get paid.”

73. No guts. No glory. No legend. No story.”

74. “No one is going to come to your house and make your dreams come true.”

Inspirational Grant Cardone Quotes

Grant Cardone Quotes
Grant Cardone Quotes

“When you know something, you can predict the results. And they who can predict results have true confidence and Freedom.”

Grant Cardone Quotes

75. “Regardless of the timing, the economy, the product, or how big your venture is, the right acts done to the right degree over time will make you successful.”

76. “Wake up! No one is going to save you. No one is going to take care of your family or your retirement. No one is going to ‘make things work out for you. The only way to do so is to utilize every moment of every day at 10X levels.”

77. You weren’t born to be average.”

78. “Do what you are scared to do and watch your confidence grow.”

79. I’m going to do anything and everything, remove every boulder, every hurdle and every problem out of my way to make my dreams come true.”

80. “Money is like a jealous lover. Ignore it; it will ignore you or leave you for someone who makes it a priority.”

81. What you do every day determines your worth.”

82. “Your excuses might be legit, but they won’t improve your life.”

83. “No commitment equals no results.”

Best of Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone Quotes
Grant Cardone Quotes

No matter how much it may seem otherwise, no one has control of your life but you.”

Grant Cardone Quotes

84. “Hit the bottom, then use it to bounce back to the top.”

85. Your greatness is limited by only the investments you make in yourself.”

86. “There’s no shortage of Money in this world. Start hustling”

87. You sleep to rest the body. You wake up to make your dreams a reality.”

88. “Doubt is your enemy.”

89. “You must set targets that are ten times what you think you want and then do ten times what you think it will take to accomplish those targets. Massive actions must follow massive thoughts.”

90. “Think about it: What’s the worst thing that can happen to you if you just totally go for it?”

Grant Cardone Quotes
Grant Cardone Quotes

91. “To get to the next level of whatever you’re doing, you must think and act wildly differently than you previously have been. You cannot get to the next phase of a project without a grander mindset, more acceleration, and extra horsepower.”

“Just because most don’t make it doesn’t mean you can’t.”

Grant Cardone Quotes

92. “Approach every situation with whatever-it-takes-mindset.”

93. “True domination and obsession start with dominating yourself, not others.”

94. “If it is important to you, you will find a way.

95. “Starting at the bottom isn’t a deficit. It’s a gift.”

97. “Creativity follows commitment.”

98. “What you have done is nothing compared to what you can do.”

99. “Learn to close and you will never be without work and will never be without money.”

100. “You will never be admired without being criticized first.”

In Conclusion

Grant Cardone tells us we all owe it to ourselves and others to fulfil our most significant potential. He encourages us to find our true talents, harness them and make them a success.
We all have something innate that can take us to higher Success. We all have the potential to make meaning out of our lives and be great. Today’s world is filled with problems, and Grant Cardone says you might have the right solutions.
You are not here to be mediocre, you are destined for ultimate greatness, and the world is waiting and relying on you. We hope these quotes inspire you to think big and take actions that will lead you to fulfil your most significant potential. The time is Now, and it is all yours. Go forth and thrive!!!