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7 Facts About The Law Of Attraction And 7 Practical Ways To Make It Work For You

Law of attraction
It can only get better from here

The Law of Attraction: Can you imagine for just a moment that you have everything you wished for? Your dream car, your dream house, a great relationship, a fantastic job, your dream business, peace of mind, etc. Now, what if I told you that you could get all of these with ease! No matter who you are and what stage you are in life, you have the power to make this happen the way you want it! Isn’t that amazing? You can attract whatever you set your heart to.

I remember the first time I heard of the Law of attraction. I had been thinking about this trendy new pair of shoes that seemed to be the in-thing, but I hadn’t told anyone about it. Day after day, I fantasized about how lovely it would be if I could just get a pair. Imagine my shock and surprise the next week when my aunt showed up with it. I was utterly blown away. When I started to tell my older sister about this, she simply said it was the Law of attraction at work, and this was the beginning of my curiosity.

The Law of attraction is that capacity, that ability, that power to attract into your life what you conceive or focus on your mind. This means that your thoughts will manifest physically. It will reflect on the opportunities that become open to you. It will reflect on the things that come to you, whether good or bad. It will even reflect in the way you see the world.

This is not just a mere theory. It is time to take charge now, to be in control. Understanding the Law of attraction will lead you right to your desired quality of life.

It can only get better from here

Here are 7 concrete facts about the Law of attraction

1.      It exists: Even if you are aware of it or not

One of the most famous sayings among lawyers is, ‘the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence.’ This saying came from Martin Rees, a cosmologist, and was popularized by Carl Sagan.

Just because you have not personally found proof of something exists does not mean that such a thing does not exist.

Mobile phone signals are invisible, and TV/Cable signals are invisible. Just because we don’t see it physically doesn’t mean that it does not exist. The Law of attraction exists, whether you are aware of it or not.

Before 1492, the place that is now known as America existed but up until when Christopher Columbus discovered it. He could have turned right back at any point in his exploration, but he did not. He eventually arrived in America. This is a clear example that something can exist, whether you know it is there or not.

Your knowledge of it or your lack of knowledge about it does not make it cease to exist or make you immune to its principles.

2.      It exists regardless of your belief in it.

If you throw a ball up, it will surely come down. If not immediately, it will come down later. That is the Law of gravity at work, and even if you refuse to believe it, once you throw something up, it will come down regardless.

Just as the Law of gravity, the Law of attraction is also universal. Your doubt does not make it go away, and neither does it stop from applying to you.

3.      You can control what you attract.

The mind processes thousands of thoughts every single day, and most of them are repetitive. Since the mind filters this much information, how does it take note of what is essential or what is different?

Here is an example. Imagine that you are standing by the conveyor belt area after getting off a flight. Like all other passengers, you are standing and waiting for your bag to come through the belt. Suddenly, bags start coming – bag after bag after bag. At some point, you stop paying close attention. Your mind becomes a bit calm, and all the other bags start to look the same. Suddenly, you see your bag! Your mind registers it, and you instantly become aware that this is not just another bag. This is your bag! Then you pick it up.

The same way your mind is trained to see all other bags that are not yours as just bags until your bag shows up, same also can your mind be trained to see the good or to see only the things you want to achieve. You can fade every other item into the background of your mind and focus on what you want. The continuous practice of this will make you attract it into your life. This is how to control what you attract.

4.      It is not instant.

The Law of attraction is not instant. You are not going to think about $5,000 today and wake up to see $5,000 just lying right at the foot of your bed the next day.

 I know you would be asking at this point, “So, how does the law of attraction work?” If you are thinking about $5,000, for instance, first, your mind becomes open, and you start to see opportunities that can make this desire of yours come true.  You may suddenly remember some skills that you are good at or some business proposal that can fetch you this money. You become alert to your environment. As opportunities come, your mind automatically filters them out and allows you to focus on the very one that can get you five thousand dollars or even more.

It does not happen overnight.

It can only get better from here

5.      It requires matching action from you.

The Law of attraction does not have hands or legs. You are the instrument by which it will manifest. You are the vehicle that allows what you conceive in your mind to become your reality. You, therefore, have to match your thoughts with actions. You must make an effort. You must decide to allow your innermost desires to come through.

6.      Ancient writings back it up.

Ancient texts dating back to 1877 show writings – the Law of attraction by a Russian named Helena Petrovna Blavatsky.  Even after Prentice Mulford identified it as a general principle, a lot of people still regarded it as a mystery that was only understood by a select few. But even early religious doctrines acknowledged the power of the mind just like this popular writing of Buddha.

“All that we are is a result of all that we have thought.” – Buddha

The final text that did popularize even more than ever the laws of attraction is the book by Napoleon Hill titled, ‘Think and Grow Rich’ which he published in 1937. In the book, he detailed some of his struggles with becoming rich and talked about how our thoughts can make or break us.

Another noteworthy text about the Law of attraction is Rhonda Bryne’s book entitled ‘The Secret.’ This book has raised the curiosity and interest of people globally, and a movie was based on the book. It indeed sheds more light on the Law of attraction. I would recommend that you add this to the books you should read.

Today, even more people understand that the Law of attraction can be used in their day to day lives; it is not some hidden mystery to be enjoyed by some people.

7.      It is one of the laws of the universe

Many writers have postulated that there are 12 universal laws and the law of attraction is one.

You can practice attracting good into your life with the Law of attraction; you can start right now. As we go further, I will share with you ways in which you can make the Law of attraction work for you.

The law of attraction


1.      Focus on the positive

Instead of saying, ‘I do not want to be poor,’ try saying, ‘I want to be rich.’ This is because the mind registers the keyword, and using negative words will indirectly draw negativity into our lives.

Try to get rid of negativity; whatever may have happened in the past is in the past now, learn from it, but also learn to let go and move on.

Do you want to be happy? Instead of saying you are unhappy, tell yourself instead that you are happy, seek out happy people, and embrace some of that happy energy. Soon you will also catch yourself spreading positive vibrations.  Continue to focus on what is good and avoid occasions that trigger or remind you of what you do not want to attract.

As humans, this can be a little hard as we are not machines; sometimes, negative words or emotions can come over you, especially when you remember a past unpleasant experience.

It is okay when you feel this way, but remember not to dwell there, as soon as you catch yourself dwelling on what you do not want to attract, consciously start to think about good things and force your mind to focus. As you repeat this over and over, the number of negative thoughts you conceive will reduce drastically.

It can only get better from here

2.      Act as if it already works

There is a famous saying: ‘Fake it till you make it.’ While I will in no way encourage you to act like someone else, I tell you today that if you go about thinking you are happy, you invariably become happy.

The Law of attraction does not exist where there is doubt. Acting as though you have already attracted what you desire into your life helps you to actually make the right decisions that lead you to your desires! Want to be your own boss? Act like a boss, think like a boss, imagine yourself as a boss, and you will soon be the boss of your own.

For me, it was not just getting family and friends to hear me out; I invested in materials and resources that boosted self believe. Because sharing is caring, here is the link to one of such resources that completely changed my life

3.      Be grateful

Gratefulness is one of the purest energy and the universe can sense it very fast. It is merely a magnet for even more good things. Be grateful for even the little you have. Do not wait until you have amassed wealth or reached specific goals; be thankful today for that which is present, and this is the key to unlocking more.

Gratefulness will not only help you appreciate what you have, but it opens your heart and your hand. Because you appreciate what you have, you will also be open to giving to people around you, and there is no faster way of attracting more abundance into your life than by giving also.

Here are a few things that you can be grateful for:

1.      Good health

2.      Peace of mind

3.      Food

4.      Hot water

5.      Air

6.      Energy

7.      Life

8.      Good friends

9.      Family

10.   The ability to dance

11.   The ability to appreciate art

12.   The ability to appreciate science

13.   Knowledge

14.   Your education

15.   Your body, for supporting you through the years.

All of these might not apply to you, but indeed, you can find something to be grateful for, just look within you and around you.

It can only get better from here

4.      Practice daily affirmations

Affirmations are positive words or statements. Practicing affirmation is like practicing positivity. It can be positive words about yourself or a specific situation or about an event or a big day.

These right words go straight into your subconscious and can challenge you to do better.

Not only are affirmations good for you, but they impact your overall wellbeing.

They do not have to be long affirmations or complicated. You can choose one for each day and say just one for that day. You can write down your affirmations and read them daily. It is even better to say it out loud and to repeat it at least three times or as many times as you feel the need to.

Here are some examples of positive affirmations to get you going:

1.      I am strong.

2.      I am healthy.

3.      I am successful.

4.      I am a winner.

5.      I have abundant resources.

6.      I am happy.

7.      I am blessed.

8.      I can become anything I chose to be.

9.      I am unique.

10.   I am talented, and my talent will take me places.

Affirmations are a great way to remind yourself about all the good you have going and to claim or embody the things you are working towards. You can also help your friends or spouse by speaking some positive words of affirmation unto them. For instance, you can always say to your partner, ‘You are wonderful,’ even on days when he/she feels down, and it works instantly; just an acknowledgment and affirmation renews the energy.

Affirmations are a great way to uplift yourself and the people around you. What are you waiting for? Grab a notepad and write down some affirmations and start saying them out loud. You can say one as you prepare to go to work, or you can say one when you come back home. Also, you can say one while out on lunch break or just before you start to study. There is no hard and fast rule. You are amazing! You can do this.

The Law of attraction

5.      Be ready to take action

Do you want the Law of attraction to work for you? Then be ready to take action! This might be doing something that brings you closer to your goals. Do you want to be an accountant? Take an accounting course to begin that journey! Do you want to be healthier? Eat better and also exercise.  Our outcomes are a result of all the small decisions we make every day.

There’s nothing big waiting to happen. Your future is the decisions that you make now. Take actions that are in line with your goals.

You may suffer from the habit of procrastination. Everyone has battled with procrastination; it is an enemy of productivity. Do what needs to be done, when it should be done, and take pride in having done the right thing. If you have been struggling with taking action that can change your life, watch this video. It immensely helped me.

6.      Create a vision board

This is one of the most recommended ways to make the Law of attraction work for you. A vision board can be physical, like a board made with cut-outs or images of what you aspire to be or things you would like to acquire. It can also be a one-page document on your phone or computer showing what you want to achieve.

Regardless of what format or medium your vision board is, one is necessary. You may be wondering why do I need a vision board? You need one to help you visualize. The more you see what you want, the more determined and focused you will be. There will be nothing stopping you.  Your vision board will be your constant reminder that what you want is possible and achievable.

7.      Believe

Believing in yourself is the highest form of affirmation; it is also the highest form of trust and honor that you can give to yourself. Not only will it open your mind, but also your entire being will sense it. As you practice the Law of attraction, you need to cast away doubt and really, honestly believe that it will work for you, not because anyone said so, but because you know it will.

Some tools to help you stay calm are reading and meditating. Choose the books you read carefully and choose the ones that help you think positively. Get rid of self-limiting beliefs and cast away fear.

These are some of the ways to make the Law of attraction work for you. You can start by creating your vision board, practicing affirmations, and taking the necessary actions.

Next time you find yourself having doubts or negative thoughts, quickly remember all that you have read here and try to stay positive. Yes, you got this! 

It can only get better from here

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Laws of attraction

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7 Facts About The Law Of Attraction And 7 Practical Ways To Make It Work For You