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Do you want to be TIKTOK FAMOUS in 90 Days? (Check out these 9 proven ways)

It can only get better from here

Beyond being a member of a larger social network, there is also a bigger instinct to have a large audience that you interact with. The quest to gather many followers has also been financially motivated. Companies reach out to young people by paying them as influencers to create awareness for their products or brands. This emphasizes why more people want to be TikTok famous, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter influencers and generally social media influencers. You can view Videos On how to be TIKTOK FAMOUS in 90 Days on SeeingTheBrightSideOfficial.

Unlike other platforms, TikTok has been downloaded more than two billion times as at April 2020. That makes it the fastest social media network to gather such figures in less than four years since it was introduced. In the first four months of 2020, the application recorded 315 million downloads, making up the highest amount of downloads an app has received in a given quarter. The social media network’s growing influence explains why people are adopting several methods to become a TikTok famous face. You can also find some more quotes on Wikihow And Quora

Here are some strong tips to making you TikTok famous in just 90 days.

1. An Attractive Profile

Apart from becoming TikTok famous, developing your social media influence requires a captivating profile such as an attractive name that aligns with your niche. The first step in your quest to become TikTok famous begins the moment you create an account on the application and fill in the information you want to be identified with.

The purpose of the app is to capture and present the world’s creativity, knowledge and precious life moments directly from your mobile phone. The creativity begins with a simple and attractive profile that captures the contents you upload. With the average age of TikTok users relatively low compared to other social media platforms, simple and attractive factors matter a lot. Here are a few tips to pay attention to when creating your account.

Your profile picture: TikTok isn’t an official platform like LinkedIn. It’s a very social platform. Your first step in becoming TikTok famous could be using an attractive and unique profile picture that shows your face. This will be regularly displayed as you upload your contents.

Name: Use your name in its simplest form. Your audience should be able to find your name easily when they tell their friends about your content.

Pay attention to your bio: Your bio section is not a place for political statement or a manifesto. It should be as simple as possible. In addition, you can include your username for your other social media websites. Ensure your words and punctuations are rightly used. Your bio creates the first impression about you. It should be written carefully.

2. Post Frequently

It’s impossible to build a social media account without frequently posting on the account except you are already a public figure before opening the account. Suppose you’re not a celebrity and wish to become TikTok famous in just 90 days. In that case, you must build your account diligently by frequently uploading your content.

It is an outstanding feature of TikTok that there is no limit to the number of contents you can upload like some other social media networks. Take advantage of this feature and post up to five times daily if possible. Loren Gray is one of the best definitions of being TikTok famous with over 20 million followers. The 17-year-old singer grew her account by posting her music videos more than once a day. She was consistent with her regular updates and soon became a face for lip-syncing accounts. Spending time developing your account with frequent uploads could make you TikTok famous in 90 days if you maintain your consistency.

It can only get better from here

3. Have a Niche

Just like starting a business requires marketing strategies and feasibility studies, becoming TikTok famous requires some real strategies. You must learn what the application is about, to adopt the right strategies. Unlike Twitter where you can get into a heated political debate, TikTok is renowned for short videos which are not often more than forty seconds.

Beyond knowing it’s about videos, there’s also a need to know your target audience and have a niche. Here are some of the trendy niches that you can develop your account on.

Dancing: TikTok is about making small videos. One of the best activities to surprise people within a very short time is dancing. A large number of dancers became TikTok famous by simply holding on to their niche and becoming very consistent. TikTok famous Charlie D’amelio developed her account by posting her dance steps on the social media platform. Charlie has gone beyond making videos of herself alone now. She’s also partnered with dancers across the platform to entertain her audience and grow her account. Jelina (@jelinuh) is another TikTok famous who acquired her fame on the platform through dancing. Unlike Charlie, Jelina’s dance steps aren’t very professional and formal. Still, she has over seven million followers on her TikTok account. Dancing doesn’t have to be very professional. Just take short videos of yourself dancing to a trending song on the platform and remain consistent. You could be TikTok famous within 90 days.

Comedy: Unlike dancing, comedy requires some caution to avoid looking ridiculous. However, it’s proven to be one of the most common niches on TikTok. People are regularly going through a busy day at work, and a large number of people need something to lighten up their day. Short funny videos from any account that consistently brings that smile could earn a follow, a share, and even a recommendation. Sarah Cooper is one TikTok famous who has gathered about 2.1 million likes by simply mimicking Donald Trump’s speeches. The Dobre twins, James Henry, and many others have acquired a large audience by simply making short comedy skits on the platform.

Lip syncing: To be TikTok famous requires some level of creativity to produce great content. Lip syncing is one of those creative measures that can be adopted. Lip syncing involves trying to sing along to some great songs, but you’re not doing it. It’s just your lip moving in a certain direction. To be TikTok famous requires more than just picking any song and engaging in lip-syncing. You need to use the trending songs to engage in this practice and add a touch of creativity to your videos. There are about or over a billion active users on TikTok, and you want to produce unique content that sets you apart. 

Cooking: As short as TikTok videos are, you can create videos of you cooking and link them to your profile. You don’t need to be a professional caterer to engage in this. TikTok famous such as Eitan Bernath has made the platform an avenue to share their cooking experience with less stress and short videos to keep their audience interested. Cooking is an excellent way of reaching millions of people who enjoy the activity just as much as you do. You could be TikTok famous by simply doing the things you love and showing the millions on the platform how consistent you can be with the things you enjoy.

Fashion: If you don’t like cooking, dancing, lip-syncing or you aren’t that funny, then fashion could be your route to being TikTok famous. You can frequently upload your opinion about fashion and showing them off with short videos to illustrate your opinion. However, look for trending music or issues to make a name for yourself and become TikTok famous.

Lifestyle: You may want to become TikTok famous, but you don’t have the luxury of time to get a good background for your videos and find the appropriate environment. You can also upload videos of some fun times with your spouse or partner. However, consistency is key to growing your audience, uploading videos of games with your partner or kids removes the formality and makes you enjoy it more. Moreover, that’s what social media is about.

Find time to decide on your niche and be consistent with it. It’s a crucial aspect of your strategies for becoming TikTok famous.

It can only get better from here

4. Interact with Other Influencers

After you must have carefully picked a niche that represents your interest, the next step in being TikTok famous is to interact with other influencers in your niche. This interaction could earn you their follow, which may result in helping you repost your videos. Interactions are always a massive boost that can multiply your followers within a very short period.

Flighthouse is one of the brands with the largest followers on TikTok. The company built a reputation around hosting mini-shows that feature other social influencers on the platform. The company also invites celebrities to discuss their opinions on online trends or playing trivial games. This has proven to be an effective way of growing their audience while also regularly interacting with them by making contributions to online trends.

TikTok queen- Charlie D’amelio’s dance video with another TikTok star called “Move with Joy” was viewed more than two million times in July 2019. It was a video in which Charlie was following the choreography of the other user. The video was short and simple, but it paved the way for the emergence of a new TikTok queen. In an interview with NBC News, Charlie recounted the incident. In her words, “Ever since then, it’s just been growing from there… It’s kind of crazy to think about it, I never thought this would happen. Like, everyone thinks, oh that’s cool but when it’s happening – it’s crazy to think about why people would follow me. What am I doing differently than everyone? It’s just crazy,” D’amelio said in the interview.

While her TikTok popularity has earned her a large audience in other social media accounts, Charlie D’amelio simply adopted one of the logics of becoming TikTok famous in just ninety days. Interact with other influencers in your niche.

If you want to be TikTok famous in just ninety days, the knowledge of trends is extremely crucial. Trends are not just laughing opportunities. They’re an avenue to extend your influence by gaining more followers. Participate in every trend, use the trending songs for your videos but understand the social media is a different world. The trending music on radio and television may not be a topic on TikTok. Keep in touch with the trends that are updated on the app and create unique content.

Also, participate in every challenge as they create more opportunities for millions of people to see your posts. A popular TikTok challenge that had broad participation is “The old town road challenge.” It got the Lil Nas single famous on TikTok with many users morphing into their cowboys and cowgirls. The challenge provided a wide range of opportunities to grow networks.

Other popular TikTok challenges include the renegade challenge that got Kourtney Kardashian and Oprah Winfrey’s attention. The Dolly Parton challenge, the look-like-a-celeb challenge, and many others have been used as a means to generate a larger audience by creating unique contents. Regularly visit the sound section of your TikTok app. Tap on a sound to see a list of videos that have been done on that video. Imagine a creative content that is slightly different from the videos you’ve watched, and make your contributions by using the hashtag.

It can only get better from here

6. Don’t Do Your Videos Alone

Different social media surveys have shown that videos with another person, preferably opposite sex, get more attention on social media than single videos. It’s no doubt that some of the most followed accounts on social media often upload videos with the opposite sex on TikTok. To be TikTok famous, you need to generate more attention for your TikTok videos by uploading videos with more than one person.

7. Use the Live Platform

TikTok introduced their live feature in 2019. The live stream option provides users with an opportunity to connect with their followers. The feature is currently limited to people above sixteen years of age, have been on the platform for some time, and have about 1000 followers. Reaching the 1000 milestone isn’t very easy, but following the previously highlighted factors should have given you an edge in reaching that figure within a short period.

The live stream option may be a very positive addition for companies who have used the platform as a marketing strategy to reach their audience. Nevertheless, the live stream option can serve as an opportunity to expand your sphere of influence. There is no limit to the live stream’s duration yet, so it allows you to share quality content, especially if your niche is cooking, comedy, or dancing. Exciting content keeps your audience’s attention for a long time.

To increase the number of people who may stand a chance to watch your video:

  1. Use a trending hashtag so it can reach more people.
  2. Improve your video quality by using “smooth” and “filters” provided by the platform.
  3. Ensure your location is right and doesn’t send across a different message.

There is so much hostility on social media platforms. You don’t want to ruin your progress by paying attention to those who will focus on all that is wrong in the video. To become TikTok famous, you must learn to maximize every opportunity provided by the platform.

8. Avoid Unnecessary Rigidity

It’s okay to have a niche and maintain your consistency to be TikTok famous. But it can also be a strength if you can engage in more than one niche. TikTok famous faces often engage in multiple contents. Baby Ariel is a TikTok account with huge followership. She creates content that ranges from comedic to lip-syncing and dancing. Be flexible with your niche. The primary reason you’re on social media is for fun and entertainment. Don’t make it another formal sector of your life by shifting attention away from its original purpose except if your account’s purpose is to promote your brand or advertise.

It can only get better from here

9. Interact with Followers

A lot of responsibilities come with being TikTok famous. From being invited to several events, representing a particular brand, and keeping up with your account growth. However, there’s one important factor you shouldn’t miss out on. Find time to interact with your audience. Attend local TikTok community parties where you can get to do a video with some of your followers. And post on your platform.


Social media platforms are a means to avoid being socially isolated; the purpose is to entertain yourself and others with a broad range of contents available at your disposal. Take time to enjoy other people’s content on TikTok without necessarily developing the feeling of competition. The tips highlighted above can make you TikTok famous in just 90 days. Enjoy the platform while you also upload unique and attractive content. Develop your TikTok account by showcasing your abilities to a larger audience. The hostility on social media platforms can be discouraging. Still, your attention should be on sharing your contents and expanding your sphere of influence.

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