Seeing The Bright Side

The world is full of paradoxes. Moments that are filled with chaos and sadness are often gently streamed with soft, billowing swirls of bliss and magic.  Times of fear or frustration can also lead to moments of tremendous opportunity.  Times of little motivation can lead to revolutionary breakthroughs.  The human experience varies, in large part, by perspective and circumstance.  From culture to culture, continent to continent, scenario to scenario – but despite our personal situation, the common bond that unites us is our ability to dream, feel, cry, smile, wonder, love, and laugh throughout the various trials and tribulations we encounter as we hurtle through the endless vacuum of space on this precious blue rock we call home.

SeeingTheBrightSide was created to provide a unique glimpse into various perspectives of the human capacity to feel.  Our mission is to offer insight, hope, encouragement and guidance for those who seek it – and a place to share musings, dreams, and perspective for those who seek connection.  As a collection of individuals dedicated to sharing experience, spreading inspiration, and promoting possibility, SeeingTheBrightSide offers authors a space to radiate their personal perspective into the world, while simultaneously offering refuge and comfort to those ready to receive it. 

The world is full of paradoxes, and the truth is, none of us have all the answers.  However, by sharing our stories, experiences, fears, and triumphs, we are better able to understand the world around us and humanity as a whole.  SeeingTheBrightSide is committed to creating the space to explore the endless expanse of possibility within each of us, and by sharing stores that uplift our spirits and provide a sense of encouragement during our darkest times, we believe we are better able to find the beauty in even the darkest of moments. 

Welcome to the journey, and thank you for choosing to explore the human experience with us.