100+ Shera Seven Quotes

SHERA Seven is an online figure, influencer, and author known for offering advice to women on attracting affluent partners. In this analysis, we explore her unconventional perspective on relationship guidance, along with insights into her marital situation.

  1. If they ask you to choose, always choose yourself.
  2. The person who has a schedule becomes a priority; if you are not a priority, they can always reschedule you.
  3. The stricter your standards are, the more important you will be to him.
  4. Everybody has self-worth; you just have to recognize it within.
  5. Never burn a bridge if you know it might be something you will get back to.
  6. Some people hang out around you because they know you do not prioritize yourself, and they can always get what they want from you.
  7. I would rather be alone than be with something that I know is not going to work.
  8. When you are lonely and desperate, that’s a red flag for people to try and take advantage of you.
  9. Date yourself for a while; get to know yourself, and you will attract people who recognize the good in you.
  10. Ask people for what they cannot deliver, and they will take themselves out.


  1. Confidence comes from your belief; you have to believe in it to have it.
  2. You must strengthen your mind.
  3. Less talk and more work help build confidence and dismiss what negative people say.
  4. Stop listening to negative people who have failed when they tell you that you can’t do it; listen to yourself instead.
  5. Stay away from negative people and always work on things that help you build your confidence daily.


1. Never let a man control you, have your own money

2. Leave the room and go to where people are just as pretty as you

3. Do what you want to, when you want to and you will always win

4. Do not respond to disrespect

5. Never think of yourself as aging, think of yourself as improving

6. Ignore people who don’t benefit you


1. If you want a man to commit act like you don’t want him to commit

2. If you are with a man for a long time and he is not committing, you need to commit to something else like a job, a product, or a hobby

3. If he relates to you as you relate to him then you are in a relationship.

4. If you want commitment make a man do stuff by himself


1. You can’t bully someone who has it all because they can’t even see you

2. How to deal with a provider who doesn’t have the bedroom skillset?? Hopefully, he falls asleep and you don’t have to deal with him

3. If you are in a relationship and he asks you to take a break, take a break with another man

4. You messed up so bad and called him and he didn’t answer? (whispers) don’t ever call him

5. How do you act when someone tells you they just cheated? Shera – act not surprised


1. The more a man invests in a woman, the more he will likely propose

2. Don’t start cooking or cleaning especially when you are not married to him, that’s called

domestic help

3. Don’t chase any man

4. Never be surprised when a man cheats

5. Never approach a man who doesn’t approach you, if he likes you, he will walk across the room

6. Don’t make commitment your priority, make providing the primary because a man will always commit to something he is spending on.

7. If you are not unbothered when you are ghosted then you are doing it all wrong

8. If you want a man addicted to you, then be his type

9. If you are very feminine, no man will feel comfortable asking you for money

10. Treat them exactly the way they treat you

11. Make sure they don’t see you act crazy, hide it, don’t react, figure out a way to correct it, avoid it again, or get revenge.

12. Learn some table manners before you go out to eat

13. Act like a lady with a high standard

14. If you act dumb, they think they can play games and when they try to play the game, you will catch it and then you flip it and win

15. Have a goal when you get into a relationship

16. The best way to work on emotions is to stop reacting and start thinking.