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Veterans Day Quote For Those Who Sacrificed


Veterans Day is a national holiday observed on November 11th every year. This day is set aside to honor gallant veterans who have served the American armed forces. These quotes are to remember their bravery and relentlessness in serving and guarding the nation. The peace we enjoy now results from their oath to protect and guard the country daily. Below are quotes to acknowledge their effort in making America a fortress.



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  1. “America without our armed forces is just like man without God.”

2. “Not everyone have the will to die for another.”

3. “A hero is one that sacrifice his pleasure for others breakthrough.”

4. “This nation will always be the land of the free as far as our gallant veterans still breathes.”

5. “only ungrateful hearts withhold their tears from thy tombstone.”

6. “Your efforts will never be in vain.”

7. “We are alive and happy today because of your commitment yesterday.”

8. “Brave men aren’t born, they are made.”

9. “May the fallen soldiers rise again someday.”

10. “If you can read and write, thank your teacher. But if you are peace thank the veterans.”

Quote Veterans day
  1. “It takes only a brave man to infest the rest.”

2. “Hail to thy soldiers who stood gallantly for peace sake, hail to thy countrymen whose prayers kept them moving.”

3. “A jubilant house is one who saw what they thought they lost.”

4. “The hero is one who stands in the gap.”

5. “Honoring the brave gives importance to their efforts.”

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6. “Courage makes a man resistant to fear, he who is courageous is relentless.”

7. “There no greater honor than dying for the liberty of your people.”

8. “I’m a proud American because of the sacrifices of our gallant heroes.”

9. “The blood of our heroes is the seed of our country’s tree.”

10. “What a price for freedom, what a price for peace, may your efforts never be in vain.”

veterans day best quotes
  1. “While we sleep, someone always keep watch.”

2. “A true soldier don’t fight because of hate, but because he cherish what he is fighting for.”

3. “We are lucky to have men who imitate the messiah.”

4. “To our armed forces, you are blessed.”

5. “A true hero shouldn’t be strong and mighty physically but in the heart.”


6. “A man who dedicates his life for you should be a god amongst men.”

7. “To the veteran, I am grateful you decided to serve the nation.”

8. “Our flags gain motion by the last breathe of our gallant veterans.”

9. “Even if a man can be immortal, you will serve the nation till the end of time.”

10. “God is with our veterans, and God is with us.”

quotes veterans day thank you
  1. “Our caps are raised high in honor to your efforts.”

2. “We are always in your service just as you gallantly serve us.”

3. “We sometimes disregard the thing we supposed to have high regards.”

4. “We should not mourn those who fought for us but give praise to God for their existence.”

5. “He who carries the heart of the people has a great responsibility, so we must value their efforts.”


6. “True heroism is fighting for the glory of the nation and glorying in their won battles.”

7. “To be called a hero is greater than even the president.”

8. “For they are saviors in uniform and veterans when they surrender it.”

9. “Institutions, schools and colleges should enlighten the young about the sacrifices of our relentless veterans.”

10. “May God bless the day our veterans made their mind to serve the nation.”

veterans day thank you

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  1. “We don’t have anything to give you but to give appreciation our gallant veterans; you are a gift to the nation.”

2 “How fearlessly you went, you fought and you conquered, you are extraordinary.”

3. “Veterans are angels amongst men.”

4. “Without heroes, we are dependent men.”

5. “Our veterans left their dreams to serve the nation.”6. “Our condolences are to show affection to your commitment to serve the nation.”

7. “Thank you for making our future generation to know the name America.”

8. “It’s so blessed when a few carry the responsibilities of many.”

9. “We don’t thank them for being victorious. We thank them for safeguarding us.”

10. “In war, there are no winners, only survivors.”

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happy veterans day

  1. ” Happy Veterans Day to those that lay down their lives that we might know peace.”

2. “Your actions can never be rewarded but carried with high esteem. Happy Veterans Day.”

3. “May God bless your efforts in making the nation a haven for you and me.”

4. “You will forever be a role model to the brave and courageous.”

5. “Your good actions have been the foundation of our civilization.”

6. “Happy veterans day! May your loyalty be praised and worshiped amongst men.”

7. “Happy Veterans Day; thank you for fighting for the good of the people.”

8 “Happy veterans day; we can crawl from our shell because of your heroic deeds.”

9. “To those who served, who are serving, and who are planning to, happy veterans day to you.”

10. “May the people enlighten their children about your heroic acts; may it go on from generation to generation. Happy veterans day.”


quotes veterans day thank you

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  1. “You are an inspiration to all of us, your relentless and courage has been the bedrock of our progress.”

2. “you have to shown us that one man can save a thousand and ten can save ten thousand.”

3. “May your footprints show us that the step of a man can be the redemption of many.”

4. “Liberty always comes with a price; we are fortunate to have to have men willing to fifth for it.”

5. “Let us stand in awe because we are in the presence of Gods amongst men.”


6. “We are bound as one nation by the spirit of our fallen heroes.”

7. “We will always remember you in our prayer so as you always carry us in your mind while in battle.”

8. “They gave up their lives that we might regain ours, may their deeds never leave our mind.”

9. “May our gratitude’s be your motivation and strength in your daily ventures.”

10. “Even Christ in heaven will be pleased to find men who follow his footsteps.”


veterans day best quotes

  1. “May their remembrance last as long as the land lives.”

2. “May the sun rise and set in your favor.”

3. “As far as our safety in your hand, am at peace.”

4. “Death to war and blessings to the soldiers.”

5. “Cheers to men who walk on the line between life and death daily.”


6. “Without the military there won’t be democracy.”

7. “Acknowledge the men who walk sleeplessly that we might sleep.”

8. “We reap where we sow but we have heroes where we didn’t sow.”

9. “We always try to make a difference in this world but you can do that daily if you join the military.”

10. “May the remembrance of your good deeds promote peace and unity amongst us.”


veteran day quotes thanks

“We must give thanks to not only veterans but everyone who put their lives on the line for the nation.”

2. “A soldier does not hold guns and grenades but one with courage and patriotism.”

3. “Though they are dead, their courageous deeds still live on.”

4. “Men must fall for men to rise.”

5. “A nation shall not rise without men who rise for that course.”


6. “I am grateful to see the days of courageous men and heroes.”

7. “Only death can stop your heroism.”

8. “We gather as one to appreciate your commitment and effort in keeping the nation away from harm, may blessing follow you all the days of your lives.”

9. “The nation is forever indebted to you, no amount of salaries or pension is enough to settle you for your services.”

10. “You are more than heroes but angels from God gifted to man.”



Peace can never be bought; it takes men who sacrifice their bodies and soul to bring peace to a nation. Men who do not relent in fighting for the people they love and their country. There is no trophy, medal, or award they can repay for their good deeds, but a vote of thanks and acknowledgment; their actions can never be reciprocated, and their courage can never be replaced. For the veterans who live, may you forever remain blessed, and for the veterans in eternal rest, may your soul rest in peace, and for the unborn or future heroes, we await your courage and sacrifices.