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Better Sleep: Sleep like a baby with these 12 proven tips

Better sleep
It can only get better from here

Good sleep/ better sleep is priceless, and not everyone is getting it. Are you having trouble with sleep? Do you always feel that you are not getting enough rest? Then this article is definitely for you. You will see some improvements if you follow the tips I will be sharing with you.

What is good sleep?

Good sleep/better sleep duration can vary between different individuals due to the age the difference, however experts, consider an average 7-8 hrs consecutive sleep as healthy. Good sleep will help you;

  •         Improved focus and attention
  •         Maintained body figure and a healthy weight
  •         Enhanced cardiovascular performance
  •         Reduction in stress level
  •         Stability in emotions, etc
Better sleep

12 tips on how to get better sleep

Having a good or better sleep is the most important thing to achieve the optimal energy level and attention to perform daily activities of life. Some people find it challenging to get good sleep due to many reasons, which could be mental issues like depression, anxiety, stress, and so many other reasons. Below are some useful tips that will help you get the good and right amount of sleep that your body needs.

1. Manage your worries

Most people can’t sleep early at night because of the worries and anxieties of their lives. Problems are one of the most common reasons why people cannot sleep well. It is tough to sleep when you have so many things on your mind; life is hard and complicated sometimes, and we have all been there. Although there is no straight answer to this problem, you have to be able to focus on the positives.

Spend time thinking about the positives you want to see and try to take your mind off the problems. If possible, avoid starring at things that might remind you of the issues. You have to take your mind off the problem and start thinking about where you want to be; start thinking about the success story, and it will help a lot in improving your sleep.

2. Avoid consuming caffeine late or when you need to sleep

Hot black coffee with your favorite book in hand in the evening is a great combination unless you are ready to sacrifice your peaceful night’s sleep. No doubt, there are so many health benefits of caffeine like natural stimulating effects to keep you fresh and alert, an excellent supplement to burn down the fats for a beautifully shaped body, having many essential nutrients like riboflavin manganese and potassium.

However, if you take caffeine during late hours in the day, you might have insomnia at night. Caffeine is a natural stimulator of the nervous system, so it would be difficult for the brain to relax at night, so avoid consuming caffeine at night time. The caffeine level can stay high in blood up to 8 hrs, so you should avoid it for like 8 hours before you go to bed.

It can only get better from here

3. Don’t be a night-time clock watcher

It is a mental game. It is advised not to have a clock facing you when you sleep because that’s the first thing you will see when you wake up. Turn the face of the clock away from your line of sight. Watching the clock increases your stress in the night hours, so avoid watching time at night.

4. Irregular naps are not good

We have an internal clock in the body which, if disturbed, can result in diminished sleep at night. Irregular or long naps at daytime can disrupt the internal clock; therefore, we should be cautious of our sleep cycle. The human body needs 8 hours of sleep, and anything less than that can affect our internal clock and disrupts peaceful sleep.

5. Exercise

Exercise makes you sleep well and gives you a sound sleep as well. Exercise stimulates the body to release a hormone “Cortisol,” which alerts the mechanisms of your brain and alerts you as well. Therefore try doing some exercise around 3 to 4 hours before sleeping. There is no doubt that exercise gets you better sleep.

6. Fluid intake

Water is the best detoxifier and can flush out impurities from your body. Consume enough fluid or water, so you have don’t have to wake up thirsty in the night hours but do not consume too much that you have to get up to take too many trips to the bathroom because it could disturb your sleep cycle.

7. Create a sleeping environment

Try to create a sleeping environment in your room. Don’t use very bright light before sleep; these lights are hazardous to your eyes, plus they alert your brain cells, which makes it harder to sleep. Dim the lights of your room; it enhances your sleep; bright lights disturb sleep. The use or room-darkening shades could also go a long way.

It can only get better from here

8. Take a bath or shower before sleep

A nice bath or shower before sleep time would help your body feel relaxed and calm; this will help you have a good night’s sleep. Studies have shown that taking a hot bath about two hours before bed could help you fall asleep quickly. If you don’t want to take the full bath or shower, then try dipping your feet in warm water for sometime before going to bed, it will go a long way also.

9. Limit Daytime naps

Extended daytime naps or irregular naps in the daytime might lessen your sleep in the night time. How is it possible to sleep well at night if you have slept for so many hours during the daytime? Therefore try not to sleep more than 30 minutes in the daytime or not to sleep in the late hours of the day. Limit your hours of sleep during the day so you can sleep earlier and longer at night.

10. Use comfortable mattresses

Using a comfy mattress is very important to get a peaceful sleep. If you are lying on an uncomfortable surface, it might result in muscle sores and body aches. Pain in any form can disturb sleep.

11. Avoid alcohol before sleep

Some people sleep well with alcohol, and some don’t. Alcohol can activate the cells of your mind and make you find it hard to sleep.

12. Keep Noise Down

Try to avoid every noise in your room. Noise can affect your sleep, especially if the noise is not relaxing or too loud. Try to reduce the noise and put your phone on silent while sleeping. Just try everything to minimize distraction if you need to get a good or better sleep.

It can only get better from here
Better sleep

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