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Positivity and Negativity: 11 Reasons To Quickly Avoid Negative People

positivity and negativity
It can only get better from here

Positivity and Negativity: Right now, with current things going on in the world, it’s safe to say that there is a great deal of negativity in the air.

All you have to do is browse social media, scroll down to the nearest video or picture, and read the comments, and you’re almost guaranteed to find people, usually complete strangers, arguing online over seemingly the most trivial of topics.

The media also tends not to help, as it seems as if the stories that they report on are negative and borderline on scaremongering.

One thing you will likely have noticed about negativity is how you can almost sense it and feel it in the air. While you can’t see negative energy, you can practically sense it the second you walk into a room or find yourself in someone’s presence. To make matters worse, negativity can be contagious and drag you down, which is why positivity is the way forward.

If you’re looking to actively avoid negativity and lead a positive life, it’s crucial that you avoid negative people, which is what we’re looking at today.

look at 11 reasons to avoid negative people.

Positivity and Negativity

1.    Negative people can affect your intelligence

Positivity and Negativity don’t mix. If there’s one thing that negative people like to do, it’s complain. Whereas everybody tends to complain about something at some point in their lives, negative people will do it regularly daily, about the smallest and biggest things.

Listening to somebody constantly complain is not good for your mental health. Literally. Studies have found that listening to people complain for prolonged periods can affect your brain and suppress the parts of the brain responsible for intelligence and logic.

Even listening to negativity from the media, on TV, or reading it on social media can have a negative impact on your intelligence levels.

Experts have found that it can peel away neurons located in the hippocampus region of the brain’s temporal lobe. The hippocampus plays a major role in learning and logical, rational thought, so the best advice here is to distance yourself from negativity.

If you have a friend, family member, or colleague that constantly complains, either distance yourself from them or try to get them to alter their train of thought so that they think differently.

It can only get better from here

2.    Negative feedback can affect your confidence

Positivity and Negativity
Positivity and Negativity

Okay, imagine you’ve looked forward to wearing a new outfit for several weeks/months, you try it on, ask a friend or family member what they think, and they tell you that the color doesn’t suit you, or something similar.

Now, based on the negative opinion of just one person, your confidence levels and self-esteem levels will be crushed, and you’ll no longer feel happy about the new outfit, you’ll instead likely want to get changed into something else.

Negative people’s opinions, and remember, that’s all they are – opinions, do not define us, yet so many of us allow them to do so. More often than not, whenever people do make negative comments on your appearance, it is to mask their insecurities and to try to make themselves feel better about their own perceived inadequacies.

Negative people, rather than building people up, instead seem hellbent on dragging people down, and this can negatively impact our mental health and self-confidence levels.

If another person’s opinion does indeed damage your mental health and self-esteem, the best advice we can give here would be to distance yourself from them, or if possible, simply cut them out of your life entirely.

Remember, nobody has the right, friend, family, partner, or otherwise, to criticize you and drag you down with negative comments and feedback, and you are well within your rights to cut them out of your life entirely. Positivity and Negativity don’t mix.

3.    Negativity is contagious

Positivity and Negativity
Positivity and Negativity

Have you ever noticed how, on some days, there just seems to be a thick layer of negative energy in the air that can’t be avoided? You can’t explain it, there’s no obvious cause for it, yet it’s there, and it can drag you down.

Negativity is contagious and can impact your mindset and mood. Studies have found that being around negative people and negative influences for a prolonged period of time can rub off on you and can affect your mindset.

Put simply, if you find yourself surrounded by negative people for a long time, their negative thoughts, opinions, characteristics, and traits can rub off on you, leaving you feeling negative and thinking similarly to them.

Negative people look for the bad in everything, whereas positive people look for the good. It works both ways, by the way, as studies have also found that being around positive people and positive influences can lift your spirits and put you in a much better mood mentally. Positivity and Negativity don’t mix.

4.    Negative people can make you hesitate

Positivity and Negativity
Positivity and Negativity

Positivity and Negativity don’t mix. For every solution, a negative person will come up with a problem.

If everybody listened to a negative person, nobody would take risks and potentially better themselves in the process.

Many of the world’s greatest businessmen and women have often stated how, in the early stages of their businesses, when they were just looking to get started and come up with ideas, naysayers with negative mindsets would tell them that they’d fail and that their business model was flawed and would never work.

These entrepreneurs blocked out the negativity, ignored the naysayers, followed their instincts and went on to become very successful. If they’d listened to negative people telling them why they thought their business model was flawed, they would have hesitated and would likely not even have made the leap of faith, to begin with.

When people tell a negative person their plans, whether it’s a fitness plan, a new diet, a business idea, a lifestyle decision, or anything else, negative people will focus on all of the negatives and will use the potential downsides to tell you why you shouldn’t do it.

Negative opinions and mindsets make us question our own choices and can make us hesitate.

If you have got an idea for a business model and feel passionate and excited about it, don’t go-ahead and put that business idea on hold or scrap it entirely, just because one person tells you that it won’t work. Who are they to tell you your business model won’t succeed, and what makes them a business expert in the first place?

When you cut negativity out of your life, you’ll be more likely to follow your instincts and your passions, and to take chances that could improve your life. Positivity and Negativity don’t mix.

Positivity and Negativity

5.    Negative people drain your physical and mental energy

Positivity and Negativity
Positivity and Negativity

Another thing you’ll notice when you’re around negative people is the fact that they can be physically and mentally draining.

Being around somebody that constantly complains and gets bitter and irate over things outside of their control, or things that are trivial and unimportant can be draining.

If you spend a prolonged period of time with a negative person, you’ll again find that it rubs off on you and will sap your energy and motivation levels. You’ll find that things you were once passionate about and gave you pleasure no longer do so. You won’t get excited about as many things; you won’t find the motivation to exercise or do things you once loved, and instead, all you’ll want to do is the bare minimum.

When you’re around a positive person who gets excited about doing a certain activity, you’ll find that their energy rubs off on you, and you’ll get excited and motivated and will look forward to doing whatever it is they suggested. With a negative person, the exact opposite is true.

Being surrounded by negativity can be physically and mentally draining and can severely hinder your health, both physical and mental.

Basically, negative people and negative energy drain your life from you, which is not healthy in the least. Positivity and Negativity don’t mix.

It can only get better from here

6.    Negative people only see the bad

Positivity and Negativity
Positivity and Negativity

Positivity and Negativity don’t mix. People with a pessimistic mindset often only see the bad in things, whether it be people, situations, the weather, or anything else.

If you get offered a new position at work or a new job, a negative person will run off a number of hypothetical negative situations that could potentially arise as a result of your new position, while skating over the good stuff.

As a quick example, if you’re offered a promotion at work and tell a negative person your good news, they’ll likely use language such as ‘make sure you get it in writing or ‘so that means you have more responsibility now or ‘so that means you’ll get the blame when things go wrong. They won’t focus on the good, such as it is a position you’ve wanted at work for a long time, or how you’ll now earn more money. No, they’ll conveniently skate over that and will only talk about the bad.

This applies to virtually anything. All you need to do is browse social media and read a heartwarming story about how a professional athlete paid for a lifesaving surgery for a sick child and then check the comments, you’ll read negative people’s comments talking about how ‘it’s not as if he couldn’t afford it with the money he makes for kicking a ball or ‘what about all of the other sick children in the world, why isn’t he helping them?

Negative people will only see the bad in things, whereas positive people look for the good. If it’s raining outside, a negative person will complain about the weather and moan about wanting to live in a country or state with nicer weather. A positive person will look for the good and remind themselves and others how it can’t rain forever, and that we need the rain for our gardens and the wildlife anyway.

7.    Negative people take up your precious time

Positivity and Negativity
Positivity and Negativity

Positivity and Negativity don’t mix. Negative people are draining, and they take up a whole lot of time, especially if they’re relatively close to you.

Time is a commodity more valuable than money, and it is something which we all have a limited amount of.

If you’re around a negative person who constantly complains and never wants to do anything, a friend for example, you’ll waste time trying to convince them to try something new, and then listening to them complain about why they don’t want to do it, why it’s a waste of time, and why you shouldn’t do it either.

Not only will they take up time there and then, but they can also get into your head and make you question your own choices as mentioned earlier. Say, for example, you’ve been planning a new business, have mentioned it to a negative individual and have had to listen to them tell you why your business plan will fail and why it won’t work, now they’re in your head. Instead of sitting in bed at night brainstorming business ideas and plans to get your new venture off the ground, you’ll find yourself wondering whether they were right and whether or not your business is destined to fail.

Time spent worrying over the opinion of a negative person could instead have been time spent planning your new business venture.

8.    Negative people are never satisfied

Positivity and Negativity
Positivity and Negativity

Positivity and Negativity don’t mix. If you gave a homeless person a sandwich to eat for lunch, a negative person would ask why you didn’t just give them the money instead and let them buy what they wanted to eat. If you gave the same homeless person money, a negative person would ask why you didn’t give them food as, in their opinion, the homeless person would likely just spend the money on alcohol or drugs.

Negative people are just never satisfied, no matter how hard you try. If it’s a roommate or even a partner, you could clean the entire kitchen from top to bottom, yet the negative person would wonder why you haven’t cleaned the rest of the house instead of just the kitchen.

You could give a negative person the entire world, and they’d want the galaxy instead. Give them the galaxy, and they’d want the universe.

Negative people just cannot seem to feel happy about good deeds or about good gestures because they’re not hardwired into thinking about what it is that they don’t have. Instead, they often have a false sense of entitlement, which means that no matter how hard you try, you simply cannot satisfy them.

9.    Your credibility will be damaged

Positivity and Negativity
Positivity and Negativity

If you surround yourself with negative people, you may find their traits and characteristics rubbing off on you. Now, without even realizing it, you will become more and more negative.

You might not notice it, but other people will, and they may find themselves distancing themselves from you as a result.

If you get a reputation as a negative person, this reputation can be very tough to shake.

Surrounding yourself with negative influences can damage your credibility, and while other people’s opinions don’t define you, that certainly doesn’t mean that a reputation as a negative individual will not hinder your progress in life, be it business or personal. Positivity and Negativity don’t mix.

It can only get better from here

10. Negative people will hold you back

Positivity and Negativity
Positivity and Negativity

If you’re perfectly happy living your life as you are, that’s perfectly fine, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to better yourself, be it at work, physically, mentally, or anywhere else.

If you do have aspirations of bettering yourself, it is always recommended that you distance yourself from a negative individual or negative individual.

Negative people are often scared of change, fear the unknown, and fear failure. They’ll mask these insecurities by stagnating, convincing themselves they are happy when deep down they wish they could change and better themselves, but can’t find the drive to do it. As tragic as this is, it often manifests itself in them projecting their insecurities on others.

Because they don’t want to grow and better themselves, they’ll try to discourage you from growing and bettering yourself as well. They’ll use language designed to discourage you and make you question your own choices and decisions because deep down, they’re worried you’ll succeed and will do what they couldn’t.

Rather than trying to build you up, they instead try to knock you down and keep you at their level and until they’re willing to change and face their own insecurities, there’s not a great deal else you can do. Positivity and Negativity don’t mix.

11.  Life is too darned short

Positivity and Negativity
Positivity and Negativity

Finally, the last reason why you should avoid negative people is simply due to the fact that life is too short.

We’re not here forever and life can be tough enough as it is, without having to worry about crabby, negative, aggressive, grouchy people that drain the life and soul right out of us.

Life is for living, not for worrying and going out of our way to try to please others who don’t return us the same courtesy.

Do the things you love, do what you want to do, take a chance, eat the food you want, wear the clothes you want, and stop giving negative people the power to control your own mindset.


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It can only get better from here

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