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How to Find Inner Peace, 15 Simple Things You MUST Start Doing Today

Finding Inner Peace

In the modern world, life has become more hectic than ever. Every single day, we wake up and repeat the same routine over and over again. At work, we are faced with more work and more challenges than ever. The ever-rising expenses are another source of constant worry for most. On top of this all, the rapid deterioration of health is rampant among the human race.

It can only get better from here

Suffice it to say, inner peace has almost become a thing of the past for many. In today’s world, peace has become a fleeting experience. There are moments where we experience it, and then it is gone like the wind. This is an alarming situation. If you don’t maintain a state of inner peace, you are bound to face all sorts of problems eventually. The good news is that there are many things you can do daily to ensure that to achieve and maintain inner peace. Let’s take a look at 15 of them. You can also find some more quotes on Kentuckycounselingcenter And Oprahdaily

1. Regular Meditation

When you say peace, one of the first things that probably comes to your mind is meditation. For thousands of years, meditation has been synonymous with inner peace and calmness. There is a reason why this spiritual practice has managed to survive thousands of years. It works. And it works brilliantly. Just 15 minutes of daily meditation can bring a world of positive change in your life. It might not seem like much, but it is the most effective.

Also, it is quite easy to make meditation a part of your life. All you need is 15 minutes. The great thing about this practice is that you can do it at any time of the day. To make it a part of your routine, however, it is a good idea to do it at the same time every day. Perhaps, you could do it in the morning or just before going to bed at night. Choose whatever works best for you. 

2. Breathing Exercises

A lot of focus has been given to breathing in yogic practices. The way we breathe has a lot of influence on our thoughts and emotions. The opposite is true too. That is why when you are angry or anxious, the way you breathe changes completely. When you’re anxious, you will find that you take more shallow breaths. And when you are relaxed, you tend to take deeper and longer breaths. 

By consciously doing breathing exercises, you can change the way you feel. So, let’s say you are faced with a challenge, and you are feeling really anxious about it. In such a situation, you can start taking deeper breaths. Simply close your eyes, and take a slow, deep, and long breath. Then exhale completely and take a pause. Then take a deep breath again. Repeat the process for a couple of minutes, and you will feel much better. If you can do this every day, eventually, you will be able to maintain a state of inner peace.

3. Practicing Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a spiritual practice of bringing your attention to the present moment and everything that it entails. In other words, instead of letting your mind wander off, you start focusing on what you are doing in the present moment. Advanced practitioners of mindfulness can remain aware of everything going around them as well. This is a really powerful practice that can do wonders for your inner peace.

So, how do you actually practice mindfulness? Well, no matter what you are doing, try to keep your 100% attention on it. If you’re eating, for instance, just focus on that. Be completely immersed in the act of eating. Notice the color of your food, its texture, its taste, the way you chew, the way you swallow, the way it smells. You can apply this to any other activity. What this does is prevents your mind from wandering off to sources of anxiety. This will definitely improve your inner peace.

It can only get better from here

4. Setting Limits

We don’t act this way, but as human beings, we have our limits. We have physical, mental, and emotional limits. The problem today is that we are constantly trying to push those limits for the sake of progress. This is just not sustainable in the long run. It is perhaps the biggest reason why inner peace evades us most of the time. We are stretched too thin all the time.

Naturally, you need to respect your limits to bring balance into your life. You need to set your limits. Decide how much effort you are going to put into a particular task. When it comes to working, set a limit for how many hours a day you are going to devote to it. And follow this limit no matter what. You can also set limits to the menial tasks like checking your email, social media, your smartphone, etc. With time, you will realize that staying within sane boundaries will improve your inner peace.

It can only get better from here

5. Stop Overexaggerating Issues

Life is full of challenges. Everyone is pretty aware of this as we all face and defeat challenges regularly. However, a lot of people have this habit of creating mountains out of molehills. Meaning that they exaggerate a situation and make it much larger than it actually is. If you do this, even your small problems will seem like disasters, and this will obviously obliterate your inner peace.

What you need to do is start seeing things the way they actually are. Analyze any given situation logically and keep your emotions out of it. More often than not, your emotions end up making the situation worse than it really is. This is a habit that might take time to develop but it will be extremely beneficial for you to maintain inner peace over the long run.

6. Consciously Try To Slow Down

Have you ever noticed the average person just going about their day? If you have, you will already know that they are always in a hurry. In the morning, they are in a hurry to get ready for work. On the way, they are in a hurry to reach their place of work on time. On the way back, they are in a hurry to reach home as fast as possible. Everything people do nowadays is done in a state of hurry. And we all know what this does to your inner peace.

What if you could consciously slow down? While walking, reading, talking, eating, getting ready, commuting, if you could just physically slow down and take it easy, you could achieve inner peace in an instant. I know, this sounds much easier said than done, but it is certainly not impossible! If you are serious about living a peaceful life, it is essential that you develop this habit.

7. Focus On Things You Can Control

As humans, it is in our nature to want to remain in control as much as possible. This ensures that you can shape your life the way you want. However, as we are all aware, that’s not always what happens. Life has a way of throwing wrenches in your path and knocking you down from time to time. And there is nothing you can do about it. The faster you accept the fact that you are not in control of everything, the faster you will achieve inner peace.

Also, you need to divert your focus on things that you can actually control. You can exert your influence and shape them the way you want. This will help you progress despite the uncertainties that life puts in your path. Not only that, it will help you maintain a state of inner peace, day in and day out.

It can only get better from here

8. Spend Time In Nature

In our bid to create a civilization, we have ended up getting disconnected from mother nature. These days, we live in cities that are completely cut off from nature, and we live lives that are increasingly becoming artificial. It is only obvious why most of us feel that we are missing something. What we are missing is our fundamental and age-old connection with nature.

So, to achieve inner peace and to live a more fulfilling life, it is a good idea to spend more time in nature. This doesn’t have to the big chore that most make it out to be. What you can do is spend some time daily or as often as you can in a park. Be around trees, plants, lakes, or any other natural space. If you can, you can take weekend getaways to a forest or go hiking on a mountain. This will help you reconnect with the source of life itself and help you feel that inner peace.

9. Be True To Yourself

In today’s world, it is said that the average person wears several masks of identities. You may behave a certain way in front of your friends, another way in front of your parents, and a completely another way in front of your colleagues. This can be a major source of stress as you are constantly shuffling from one identity to another. Obviously, it also deteriorates your inner peace because your true self wants to come out, and you’re not letting it!

You need to be who you are. As simple as that. You need to live life according to your principles, values, and goals. There is absolutely no harm in doing so. Sure, people might disagree with who you are and how you live, but they don’t get to have a say. Don’t allow anyone to dictate your choices. Do this, and you will realize how much inner peace you suddenly get to experience.

10. Eat A Healthy Diet

You must have heard of the saying, “You are what you eat.” This is a very accurate saying. What you put in your body dictates your physical, mental, and even emotional health. If you eat a healthier diet, you are more likely to experience inner peace, relaxation, and positivity. If you eat a lot of junk food, drink a lot of alcohol, or consume other harmful substances, you are bound to feel miserable from the inside. This is something that most don’t notice, and yet, it still has its effects.

So, what you can do is come up with a diet plan, and follow it to the letter. Include more fresh veggies and fruits in your diet. Focus on proteins rather than carbohydrates. Drink plenty of water every day. And don’t forget about the various minerals and vitamins that your body needs. All of this will take a little research, but the information is readily available on the internet. Only a month of doing this will instil a level of inner peace that you have never experienced before.

11. Exercise Daily

We lead largely sedentary lives. Thanks to technological progress, we don’t need to do a lot of physical work. Anything you want is accessible from the palm of your hands. This has made life more convenient, but at the same time, it has also been bad for the health. Not getting enough exercise or physical movement also affects your mental state. As such, it is not a surprise that inner peace evades those who don’t move as much.

You need to make sure to include exercise in your daily routine. It is just as crucial as meditation. Doing so will keep you healthy and happy. It will also make you more confident, and that is always a great quality to have. But above all, you will achieve inner peace knowing that you are a healthy individual.

It can only get better from here

12. Let Go of Grudges

In your life, not everyone will be good to you. Some will lie to you, and some will cheat you, some will try to take advantage of you, and so on. You may not feel this way, but this happens to every single person on the planet. You are not alone. And frankly, life is one big adventure, and mishaps like these are bound to happen.

If you want to achieve inner peace, you will need to let go of all the grudges you hold in your heart. You need to forgive those that have wronged you and move on with your life. This has to come from the heart. And once you do this, you will feel much lighter than you ever have. You will finally experience inner peace as you’ve never experienced before.

13. Unclutter Your Life

In our day to day course of life, we tend to accumulate a lot of clutter. We buy things that we don’t actually need and keep hoarding until our life becomes a mess. The more mess you create, the more agitated you feel. It gnaws at your inner peace. This goes against most people’s beliefs who think that the way to happiness and peace is by acquiring more and more material things. What really helps you achieve inner peace is a simple and minimalistic life. 

14. Take Time For Yourself

One of the main reasons people are so discontented nowadays is that they don’t get enough time to do things they love to do. They don’t have enough time to be alone and relax. As such, they come to perceive that life is merely about toiling and stressing out. Obviously, this degrades their inner peace over time until they are left with nothing.

All of this can be avoided if you can take out half an hour daily for your own self. You can devote this time to your hobbies like reading books, watching your favorite tv shows and movies, collecting stamps, or anything else you like. You can also choose to spend this time in silence. Sometimes, you need to be with your thought and emotions to feel that sense of inner peace.

15. Don’t Try To Change Others

There are almost 8 billion people on the planet, and no two people are the same. And that is okay. Not everyone has to be like you. If everyone were the same, the world would be a really boring place. In life, you may want to change other people for a variety of reasons. Maybe you want to do it for their own good, or there might be a selfish reason for doing so. Well, whatever it is, you should stop doing so.

The reason is simple. When you try to change others, you will likely fail. People don’t want to change, even if it is for their own good. The thing is, you might feel really bad when others don’t change according to your preference. It might hamper your inner peace. If you let go of this habit, you will live a much more peaceful life. You will be able to concentrate on growing your own self.

It can only get better from here

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